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Maldives Travel Guide

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  • This beautiful old building has been perfectly preserved to this day. During the tour you can see symbolic drawings carved in stones; those were created by masters.


Maldives Travel Guide. Tourism. The Maldives has always been associated with upscale vacations. An archipelago located in the Indian Ocean includes1190 atolls, where top-class hotels and resorts are situated. Each atoll is the focus of unique natural attractions and charming beaches. Pristine natural beauty can be called the main feature of the archipelago. It’s worth noting that local beauty isn’t limited to terrestrial landscapes, as the underwater world is also extraordinarily beautiful. That’s why fans of diving and snorkeling prefer resting in the Maldives. With regard to traditional tours and scenic walks, guests of elite resorts won’t be disappointed. A significant part of attractions is concentrated in the capital of the archipelago, the city of Male. The starting point for many excursions is the main square of the capital, Jumhooree Maidan. Its construction began only recently. Today the picturesque square is one of the busiest places of the archipelago. Amazing shops and restaurants are concentrated around it, as well as picturesque streets ideal for walks. Hukuru Miskiiy is among the most notable sights. The age of the mosque is almost a thousand years.

Next to the old mosque, there is a cemetery, which also has great value. Its territory features the tomb of Sultan Abu Al Barakat and other rulers famous for their great deeds. However, the biggest religious building is the Old Friday Mosque. It’s a large architectural complex and the mosque itself with luxurious golden domes. The mosque can accommodate 5,000 worshipers at the same time. Old Friday Mosque is the most sacred place for locals, so it is a must-see place