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Best Diving sites in Indonesia

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When most people think of Indonesia, their minds immediately drift to beaches, volcanoes, surfing, or Komodo dragons. While all these things are symbolic of the country, scuba diving in Indonesia should definitely be up there too!

In this article, I will walk you through some of the most magical dive sites in Indonesia. With one of the longest coastlines in the world, there are so many dive sites to choose from.

What’s also cool is that Indonesia is a part of the Coral Triangle of the world. This means that this one country has 20% of the world’s coral reefs, resulting in a beautifully diverse marine life!

As well as bright and colorful dives, you will also stumble upon a wide variety of experiences. Think of deep water trenches, sunken wrecks, and underwater volcanic mountains, all waiting to be explored.

Best Scuba Diving in Indonesia

To quickly answer your questions, listed below are a few of the best dive sites and locations in Indonesia. Later on in the article, we will discuss the highlights of each site, including everything that you can see and do in each place.

  • Raja Ampat
  • Komodo National Park
  • Wakatobi Islands
  • Pulau Weh, Sumatra
  • Gili Islands, Lombok Islands
  • Bali
  • Bunaken Islands

Best Time to Dive in Indonesia

It is possible to dive in Indonesia all-year round. However, the best time and weather to dive in is during the dry season (from April to October), as the visibility is better and the currents are calmer. It does vary depending on the location though.

For example, it is really exciting to dive in the Komodo Islands in the rainy season (November to March) as this is known to be Manta Ray season.

Insider’s Tip: It’s important to bear in mind that Indonesia is a massive country so the weather will vary greatly from place to place. Make sure to check the weather conditions of each individual place that you are diving in!

Types of Diving in Indonesia

Indonesia offers so much when it comes to different types of dives. It has a little bit of everything from muck dives, wreck dives, current dives, and more. It is one of the only places in the world where you can see so many varied creatures.

In fact, Indonesia is home to over 3,000 different species of fish, making it one of the best and most diverse places in the world.

Wreck Diving

If it is wreck dives you’re after,  the Tulamben USAT Liberty is a popular dive site that is frequented in Bali. It is located in the northeast side of Bali, and is worth visiting if you enjoy exploring wreck dives.

There are also a few dive sites in Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan which feature incredible dive sites which have submerged Buddha statues and more. Other places like Komodo are known for having strong currents which is why the marine life in this area is so diverse.

Muck Diving

If you want to practice your underwater photography, there are loads of places to enjoy muck diving in Indonesia. Here, you can find loads of ornate nudi branches, seahorses and more.

In order to enjoy muck diving, there are loads of cool dive sites in Lembeh Strait and Ambon.

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